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<h3>Benefits of Ethane Cracker Plants in the Utica and Marcellus Shale Regions</h3> The process of building ethane cracker plants has been in the works for many years. According to Mike Chadsey, the director of public relations for the Ohio Oil and Gas association, states that building these plants will boost the local gas and oil industry. Namely, producers will no longer have to send ethane to Canada to have it processed. With ethylene production staying local, job opportunities are expected to grow significantly. Almost all industries use chemical manufacturing in one way or another, meaning the need for ethane cracker plants is undeniably high. With ethane, other manufacturers are able to make the products that they distribute, making ethane a commodity for these manufacturers. While the ethane cracker plants are expected to be beneficial for many states, they are believed to be especially advantageous for Ohio. The vigorous chemical industry that already exists in Ohio will grow much stronger by having access to nearby ethane cracker plants. It's important to view these plants as feed stock for the entire manufacturing industry. They spur industry expansion because they decrease chemical manufacturing costs. These plants also attract foreign investors. In fact, about 54 percent of the investments used to keep the chemical manufacturing industry afloat come from overseas. There are many companies in Ohio that have already announced they intend to expand when they have access to local ethane cracker plants. From lower manufacturing costs to a decrease in unemployment rates, these plants are a win for everyone.&nbsp; Just the same as with any industry, though, the more ethane cracker plants that get built, the more competition there will be to supply the plants with what they need. This is why it's of the utmost importance to enter the chemical manufacturing industry now.


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