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Charleston, W.Va. (Oct. 2, 2017) – Highlighting the tremendous potential for highway improvements that will lead to jobs and economic opportunity, the board of directors of the West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association (WVONGA) today issued a resolution of support for the “Roads to Prosperity” road bond amendment. The Roads to Prosperity Amendment will be voted on during a special referendum Oct. 7, and early voting is Sept. 22-Oct 4.

“West Virginians deserve a safe and efficient highway system and the thousands of jobs that will be created through passage of the Road’s to Prosperity initiative,” said Anne Blankenship, executive director of WVONGA.  “Funding is already in place to support Governor Justice’s highway program and no new taxes will be needed.  We encourage all natural gas industry workers, as well as all state voters, to support this initiative.” 

In part, the resolution states:

WHEREAS, it is clear that the oil and natural gas industry is an economic driver for the State and the industry has the potential to grow even more significantly in the coming years; and

WHEREAS, in partnership with the West Virginia Division of Highways, the oil and natural gas industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs, maintenance, and upgrades of roads and bridges for the safety of the traveling public and our industry partners; and 

WHEREAS, the State's current level of transportation funding is insufficient to provide for the necessary strategic investments in the State's highway infrastructure so that further job creation and economic development may be realized; and

WHEREAS, the construction and improvement of roads and bridges is necessary to the continued growth in the oil and natural gas industry as well as for future manufacturing, commercial, and tourism opportunities throughout the State; and

WHEREAS, the Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 2017 is the key component of a highway program that will invest, collectively, over $3 billion in projects covering every county in the State; and 

WHEREAS, the funding sources for this highway program are already in place and passage of this Amendment will permit the State to use these existing taxes and fees to leverage matching funds from the federal government that will further enhance the opportunities for job creation and economic growth throughout the State; and 

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association overwhelmingly supports the Roads to Prosperity Amendment of 2017 and encourages all eligible voters to vote "yes" in the upcoming special election.

For additional information or commentary, contact Anne Blankenship at (304) 343-1609. 


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