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Charleston, WV – Natural gas production continued its upward trend in 2016, with a slight increase of more than 32 Bcf or approximately 2.5 percent over 2015 production levels, according to data from the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.

Natural gas production for calendar year 2016 rose to 1,347,619,374 Mcf compared to 2015 production of 1,315,247,819 Mcf.

“The continued growth in production, despite a challenging price environment, is a credit to our hardworking women and men, and to evolving technology, which is a hallmark of this industry,” said Anne Blankenship, Executive Director of the West Virginia Oil & Natural Gas Association (WVONGA). “This growth is benefitting all West Virginians by creating jobs and a stable tax base.  However, while it’s good to see growth, West Virginia’s production increases are outpaced by production in Ohio and Pennsylvania,” Blankenship said.  “Those states have modernized mineral development laws to allow for longer laterals and more production.”

Blankenship said Doddridge County (334,486,963 Mcf) was by far the largest natural gas producing county in 2016, followed by Wetzel County, which generated 208,657,073 Mcf.

Rounding out the top six production counties were: Marshall (143,134,493 Mcf); Ritchie (130,742,917 Mcf); Harrison (128,299,401 Mcf); and Tyler (120,925,387 Mcf).

Ritchie County saw the largest year-over-year production growth, increasing 35 percent, or more than 45 Bcf, from 2015 to 2016.  Tyler County saw similar growth, increasing 34.7 percent, or nearly 42 Bcf, over 2015 results.

The top five natural gas producing companies in the state in 2016 were: Antero Resources, EQT Production Company, Southwestern Energy, Noble Energy, Inc. and Ascent Resources-Marcellus, LLC.

Oil production in West Virginia declined by 1.8 million barrels – or nearly 22 percent – to 6,441,735 barrels, compared to 8,242,796 barrels in 2015.

The top oil producing counties in 2016 were: Ohio (1,706,515 barrels); Marshall (1,330,131 barrels); Ritchie (892,115 barrels); Brooke (687,112 barrels); Tyler (513,682 barrels); and Doddridge (490,310 barrels).

The top five oil producing companies in the state in 2016 were: Southwestern Energy, Antero Resources, Noble Energy, Inc., Chevron Appalachia and Ascent Resources-Marcellus.

For additional information, contact Anne Blankenship at (304) 343-1609.


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