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ASTM International released a new standard aimed at improving both cleanup of and contingency planning for crude oil spills on Apr. 8. The new guide standardizes the way laboratories both prepare and measure “weathered oil,” which is naturally different from the “source oil” at a facility, ASTM International member Merv Fingas said.

Five signs that the offshore oil and gas industry is recovering are starting to become clearer, with 2019 seen as a transition year and with offshore embarking on a multiyear trajectory starting in 2020. These were among the findings in a recent research report from Barclays.

Oil and gas companies are hunting the proverbial elephant again. Some of them are, at any rate.

Arrival in Venezuela late last month of 100 or so Russian military personnel elicited tough talk from the administration of US president Donald Trump. “Russia’s got to leave Venezuela,” declared Sec. of State Mike Pompeo.

US President Donald Trump overstepped his authority when he canceled his immediate predecessor’s withdrawals of three federal offshore areas from oil and gas leasing consideration toward the end of his second term, a federal court judge in Alaska ruled on Mar. 29.


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