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Enbridge Inc. has signed an agreement with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder requiring the owners of Line 5 take immediate steps to improve environmental protection for the Great Lakes and other state waterways.

Total US petroleum product deliveries averaging 19.9 million b/d reached their highest October monthly average since 2007, the American Petroleum Institute said in its latest monthly statistical report. Demand last month, which API expresses as products supplied, was 1.1% higher than October 2016's average of nearly 19.7 million, with jet kerosene, motor gasoline, and residual fuel oil showing the largest year-to-year percentage gains.

Serbia is assessing its potential for long-term carbon dioxide storage using depleted or partially depleted oil and gas reservoirs in Pannonian basin to help mitigate climate change.

Declining performance of a large compressor-driven steam turbine's surface condenser at Shell Chemical LP's petrochemical complex in Norco, La., was constraining an associated process unit to a maximum 80% of its design capacity, significantly affecting the unit's operating margin and energy efficiency.


State's greatest period of infrastructure development at hand - West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association https://t.co/3Ovvb5xYCi