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… a home in Caledon was natural gas, however, it’s unknown if … the house. “It’s a natural gas fueled explosion. How it was … ’s still one piece of natural gas piping from the house that … not an issue with the natural gas supply from the outside of …

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This week’s Inside Shale highlights Dominion Energy’s plan to reduce their GHG emissions by 50%! Check out the pod… https://t.co/WS6nrkuX0x

Guest editorial (Clarksburg): Dominion again works to set standard for 'greener' energy (Daily Mail Opinion) | Dail… https://t.co/V9aoEANV3Z

RT @AnteroResources: Antero Resources is active in the communities in which we operate, supporting local schools, conservation organization…

RT @AnteroResources: Antero Resources was formed in 2002 by Paul M. Rady and Glen C. Warren, Jr. following their success with Pennaco Energ…