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For the past 100 years, WVONGA has been at the forefront of unifying, educating and advocating for our members. By providing members with a platform for exchanging ideas and solutions, we are building a vibrant and informed membership community. Through WVONGA, members have access to a variety of valuable resources, including statistics, research, and analysis that affirm the benefits of increasing natural gas production. WVONGA also advocates on behalf of our members at the legislative level, making sure that members have a voice at the Capitol. 

We offer several membership programs to suit the needs of the various industry areas we serve. Take a positive step toward your empowerment and join WVONGA today!

WVONGA members come from all areas of industry, including:

  • Consulting, legal and professional services 
  • Construction companies
  • Field services 
  • Distribution companies
  • Gas marketers 
  • Gathering companies
  • Integrated energy companies 
  • Processing companies
  • Producers 
  • Service and supply providers 
  • Storage and transmission companies
  • Fleet sales and management
  • Lodging and corporate housing providers
  • Higher education and vocational trade institutions

What does WVONGA provide?

Advocacy & Intelligence
Advocacy & Intelligence
  • Liaison to WV regulatory agencies
  • Informational meetings and seminars on both local and regional issues
  • Opportunities to participate in specialized committees for policy development, advocacy, and information sharing
  • Statewide "Inside Shale" radio program
  • Legislative updates during both regular and special sessions
  • Legislative lobbying efforts that benefit the industry
  • Representation on local, state, and federal issues that affect the industry
Education & Training
  • Energize WV public education and outreach program
  • Educational opportunities like tours and special programs
  • Safety training and various certifications 
  • Opportunities for leadership development via committee participation
  • Media presence through press releases, social media, website and radio interviews


Industry Access
  • Network opportunities with the more than 200 member companies doing business in the Appalachian Basin
  • Access to companies responsible for 8o% of WV O&G production and 20,000 miles of pipeline.
  • Member discount program for workers compensation insurance


Membership & Dues

WVONGA Membership has two levels – voting and associate (or non-voting). 

The voting members are businesses that are primarily engaged in drilling, well servicing, exploration, production, gathering, processing, marketing, transportation, storage or distribution of oil and/or natural gas, and make up the following membership types:

Integrated Energy Company: Businesses that are engaged in the exploration,production, refinement and distribution of oil & gas; annual membership dues are $44,000.

Gathering & Processing: Companies that specialize in the collection of natural gas from various wells then compressing, dehydrating, treating, conditioning and processing it; annual membership dues are $16,500.

Gathering (only): Companies that collect natural gas from various wells, but do not process it; annual membership dues $8,250.

Processing (only): Companies engaged in compressing, dehydrating, treating, condition and processing natural gas; annual membership dues are $8,250.

Storage & Transmission: Companies that transport and store natural gas; annual membership dues are calculated based on annual assessed valuation (60%) for WV state property tax purposes $____ x 0.00035; maximum $27,500 per year. 

Production: Companies engaged in the exploration and production of natural gas; annual membership dues are calculated based on MCFs - minimum $3,300 & maximum $55,000.

Distribution: A company that delivers natural gas via pipeline to a local distribution company; annual membership dues are based on number gas meters - minimum $500  & maximum $16,500.

Industry Service Provider: Businesses that are directly involved in oil and natural gas activities.  Examples include logging, fracking, cementing, drilling, workover, supplies, wellheads, piping, tubulars, valves, pipeline construction and/or other construction-related activities.; annual membership dues are $3,300.

Oil and Gas Marketing: Companies that coordinate at various levels the business of bringing natural gas from the wellhead to end-users; annual membership dues are $2,750.

The associate members consist of individuals or businesses engaged in services or activities related to the oil and natural gas industry, or are supportive of the industry.  These member types do not have voting rights and are as follows: 

Professional Firm: Businesses that are supportive of the oil & natural gas industry with more than three employees (including legal services); annual membership dues are $1,650
Royalty Owners: Individuals or groups having ownership or rights to ownership of oil and natural gas properties; annual membership dues are $550
Entrepreneur: Businesses that are supportive of the oil & natural gas industry with three or fewer employees; annual membership dues are $550

Membership Application

Online Membership Form

Membership Application

Online Membership Form