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Oil and natural gas production in West Virginia has increased exponentially over the past decade, and we are just scratching the surface.   What an exciting time to be involved in this thriving industry with so much more to come.   With the advancements in technology that have allowed us to access the enormous oil and natural gas reserves in the Marcellus and Utica shales, production is going up and new ideas for end uses of natural gas are emerging.  There is an estimated 84 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas in Marcellus alone.  The possibilities for our industry and those downstream are BIG and WVONGA is in the driver’s seat.   

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WVONGA was founded over 100 years ago, in 1915.   A lot has changed since then, and so have we.  We provide our members support and networking services; engage in public education and legislative/regulatory advocacy; and, perhaps more important than ever, engage in policy development to advance the growth of our industry.

Our members are companies throughout the state of West Virginia and around the world who do business in West Virginia.  They represent all aspects of natural gas development and use, including support and ancillary services.   If you are in the business or your business in any way touches oil and natural gas, we have a place for you.  We account for 80% of the state’s oil and natural gas production, operate more than 20,000 miles of pipeline across the state and provide product to more than 300,000 West Virginia homes and businesses.  Our members provide well paid jobs to thousands of West Virginians and contribute billions of dollars back into the economy.   Since 2012 we have paid nearly a billion dollars in severance and property taxes to the state, benefitting our county and local economies.  

Oil and natural gas has been a backbone to the industrial and manufacturing sector in West Virginia as well.   It was first discovered here and is here to stay!   WVONGA is proud to represent this industry and we look forward to the next 100 years. 


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