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WVONGA’s Spring Meeting has been cancelled due to the CDC’s interim guidelines regarding Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

WVONGA’s committee structure promotes its mission of ensuring a strong, viable oil and natural gas industry. Committee engagement is one of the most valuable benefits of the WVONGA membership. It allows member companies to contribute their perspectives and expertise towards the association’s efforts to maintain a unified and thoughtful strategy on regulatory, legal, and legislative outreach and programming, among other areas.

Member participation and engagement is strongly encouraged in committees. Serving on a committee is a great way to grow your network, deepen your expertise and develop leadership skills. Volunteering also is a meaningful way to contribute to the collective success of the oil and gas industry and the communities we serve. Some committees meet more frequently than others, and all enable members to participate via conference call.

If you are interested in serving on a committee or have questions, please contact a member of WVONGA’s staff. They provide additional more information on committee work plans, guidelines and comprehensive overviews including committee chairs and tentative meeting dates.

Communications Committee

The mission of the Communications Committee is to proactively educate and inform West Virginians of the benefits, both direct and indirect, of the oil and natural gas industry. Members collaborate to identify and dispel inaccuracies about the energy industry, and to ensure communication tools are being used effectively to promote the legislative and regulatory goals of the association. WVONGA’s executive director coordinates these efforts.

Environmental Committee

The members of the Environmental Committee work collaboratively to address various state and federal environmental issues and regulatory activity of interest to WVONGA membership. The committee provides public policy recommendations and industry guidance to the association. (Co-chairs are Chad Keilman, Southwestern Energy, and Luz Falcon-Martinez, Antero Resources. Committee activities are supported and coordinated with the efforts of Dave Yaussy and Mark Clark of Spilman Thomas and Battle.)

Government Affairs Committee

Members of the Government Affairs Committee engage in statewide legislative and
regulatory processes and strive to ensure that tedious laws and regulations do not adversely affect activities across all segments of the oil and gas industry. (The chair is Chris Weikle, Southwestern Energy.) 

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee provides members the opportunity to discuss legal issues affecting the industry and provides analysis to the association’s leadership. (The chair is Tara Lee, Triana Energy.)

Safety & Security Committee

The mission of the Safety & Security Committee is to provide a platform for continued efforts for increased safety, risk control and loss prevention practices in the oil and natural gas industry. Members share and promote best practices, provide safety resources for members and contractors, and work to increase public awareness. (The co-chairs are Jason Porter, Apex Pipeline; Adam Scott, Antero Resources; and Alicia Cunningham, Encova Insurance.)

Tax Committee

The Tax Committee and its members provide a collective force for operators of the oil and gas
industry to obtain fair and equitable taxation imposed by taxing authorities. (The chair is Elizabeth Burg, Altus Group.)

Transportation Committee

The Transportation Committee and its members work to establish unified lines of communication between West Virginia governmental agencies and the oil and gas industry, as it pertains to transportation issues. (The co-chairs are Brad Wade; Williams, and Shelton Barger, Antero Resources.)

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