WVONGA Technology Services

The recent boom with the Marcellus Shale play has led to new growth and new opportunities. Companies both old and new are providing a wide range of products and services, creating jobs, and rapidly expanding our membership.

To assist you in managing your growth and new endeavors, we are proud to announce a new benefit to our membership: WVONGA Technology Services.

WVONGA Technology Services can help you with the “back-office” part of your operations by providing discounted technology services such as computer training, data management/reporting consultation, and website creation and maintenance.

We know your daily focus is delivering your primary product or service – we want to help the people left back at the office work more efficiently, productively, and profitably.

We held some pilot Excel and PowerPoint classes for NiSource employees; here’s what they had to say:

I use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis, and after taking your class, I found out there was a lot I did not know. Many of the tips and tricks you showed us in class, now make my day to day tasks a breeze!

I enjoyed your teaching techniques. I found the class not only very helpful but entertaining, which is a good mix to any sort of training class.

Being a novice at Excel and Power Point, I found the classes to be very informative, but most of all, very helpful in performing my daily tasks within my job description. The classes covered a lot of useful information along with doing "hands on" exercises.

The information you presented in class, the step by step handouts, and the hands on exercises proved that creating a presentation is as easy as 1-2-3!


We know that most companies have a “computer guy” on call to keep computers running and email flowing. That’s what most “computer guys” do—keep the equipment running.

They don’t help with training, data management, working smarter, and maximizing the value of your technology investment.

We know how you work. We know what you’re trying to accomplish. WVONGA wants to help you become more productive…more successful…more profitable.

Data Management
Data Management

Managing Your Data Smartly

Data is the life blood of an organization, but “management by spreadsheet” is often a clumsy, inefficient process. Maybe that’s why it’s also known as “spreadsheet hell.”

We can sit down with you, look at your data tracking and reporting needs, and work with you in implementing a smarter, more scalable solution – a system designed to transform data into actionable information.

Isn’t that the point?


Enhance Your Web Presence

A website is a necessary tool in today’s business climate – for marketing, communications, and to share information.

Using the platform we currently use, we can offer fully-functional, powerful, attractive, and easy to maintain websites.

Yes, it’s easy, so you can keep it updated yourself or we can do it for you.

Software Training
Software Training

Work Smarter - Not Harder!

Classes available for common Microsoft products include:


Excel (multiple class levels available)


Project (classes for both project managers and administrative support staff)

Powerful Presentations (not the same as a PowerPoint class!)


In the Charleston area, classes are held at the NiSource building. You bring your laptop with the software installed, we’ll feed you lunch, and we’ll make you more productive!

When demand exists, we can come to your area or your office.

Class Descriptions


Corky Demarco
Executive Director

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