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The West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association, chartered in 1915, is one of the oldest trade associations in the state, and is the only association that serves the entire oil and gas industry. WVONGA members are engaged in exploration, production, transmission, storage, gathering and processing, sales and distribution. Our allied members serve the industry through drilling, pipeline construction, well and field service and supply. Our consulting and professional members are involved in environmental consulting, legal and financial management, and public relations. Our associate members are businesses engaged in activities related to or supporting the oil and natural gas industry and royalty owners.

Member Programs

WVONGA serves its members by:

  • Hosting education and technical seminars
  • Items of interest are posted on this website
  • Conducting a Spring and Annual Meeting with presentations and speakers on timely topics
  • Working to secure new markets and opportunities for the industry
  • Annual “Gas Facts” publication

Committee Activities

One of the major ways the West Virginia Oil and Natural Gas Association goes about representing the interests of the entire industry is through its active committee system. WVONGA has five standing committees that review issues and develop consensus on what policies and plans of action the Board of Directors should take. The Association also has a number of subcommittees and ad hoc groups that are created on an as needed basis for specific issues or objectives.

Environmental Affairs Committee

Few other matters are affecting the state’s oil and natural gas industry as are the increase in environmental regulations and costs. The Environmental Affairs Committee monitors an ever increasing number of state and federal environmental issues and regulations and develops appropriate responses. Reports and updated are provided regularly to the members. The committee also meets regularly to discuss these matters and share information

Governmental Relations Committee

To ensure that the views and concerns of the industry are taken into consideration by West Virginia lawmakers, the Association maintains a constant presence in Charleston, the state capital. The association’s full-time Executive Director, Nicholas “Corky” DeMarco and a team of government relations specialists monitor and lobby lawmakers on issues of importance. During the annual 60-day legislative session, members are provided with weekly summary reports and updates on the legislative proceedings. In addition, the committee hosts weekly legislative briefing meetings as a way to share information and to maintain consensus on key issues.

Safety Committee

The mission of the WVONGA Safety Committee is to provide a venue for continued improvement of safety in the oil and natural gas industry in West Virginia via the sharing and promoting of Best Practices, providing safety resources for members and contractors and promoting public awareness.

Recently BrickStreet Insurance and WVONGA presented a comprehensive safety and return to work program for the oil and gas industry. As a result of this cooperative effort, WVONGA members who qualify will receive a reduction in their workers compensation premiums. Currently qualifying members receive a reduction of 8.6%. Read the details of the program.

Legal & Tax Committee

The association has two other committees, Legal and Tax, that work on a variety of issues that impact the industry. Lawyers and tax specialists from member companies are constantly being asked to review regulations and respond to new issues.

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee works with the board of directors and executive committee on industry and association public and media relation issues. This committee is instrumental in developing informative public relations and educational programs to promote the development of the oil and natural gas industry in West Virginia.

Marcellus Task Force

This task force focuses on developmental, environmental, transportation and other issues that may be unique to shale development. They focus on resolution of challenges that negatively influence maximizing Marcellus development and promotes the positive impact it will have.

Discounted technology services to members

Daily newsletters regarding the oil & gas industry

Chief legislative lobbying group in the state of West Virginia

Provides legislative alerts, actions, and updates

Provides industry data and annual statistics to members

Money-saving insurance discount programs

Networking opportunities to share ideas and best practices

Strong, active committees involved in a range of current issues

Promotion of the positive impact of the oil and gas industry

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